Volunteer Training Checklist

Please contact a CHW staff member before proceeding.

Thank you for showing interest in volunteering at Community HousingWorks (CHW)! Below is a short checklist all applicants should complete in order to become a volunteer.

New Volunteers: Please complete steps 1-7 below. Continuing volunteers or volunteers with a background check completed, please only complete steps 3-7.

  1. Please complete the volunteer application online first.
  2. Background Check (Non-CHW Residents and Community Volunteer Leaders ONLY):
    1. If you’re 18+ years old, you will need to complete a Live Scan form. You only need to fill out the middle portion of the form, not including the “Misc. No BIL” and “Misc. Number” sections. Once completed, print and bring to a LiveScan location. You will have to pay $17-$25 to get the basic live scan, but once it is cleared, CHW will reimburse the cost.
    2. If you’re under 18 years old, you will need to complete one recommendation forms. *Click link, cut/paste into an email for your recommender* 
    3. Here is the Live Scan Form (18+). Complete the middle section (From “name of applicant” to “social security number”) of the form and take it to the live scan appointment with your ID.
    4. All Community Volunteer Leaders (CVLs) must take the CHW background check. 
  3. Read the Volunteer Handbook.
  4. Volunteer Video Training: Please watch the video in full. Read the Study Stars Handbook if you volunteer in Study Stars.
  5. On-site Orientation: You will be contacted with dates and times once we have these scheduled.
  6. Volunteer Training Quiz: Take the quiz after reviewing the Volunteer Handbook and Video below. Volunteer Training Quiz ›
  7. AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM TRAINING: Please review the program manual and discuss with your on-site coordinator. Study Stars Handbook
    1. Volunteers are needed to help students complete homework, community activities, and their required online learning modules as designated by the schedule at each of our centers. Volunteers will receive further information on their particular location at their first shift, the handbook is intended to provide general information.