Each year, CHW awards the VALOR Scholarship to high achieving CHW residents who want to pursue post-secondary education opportunities. The VALOR Scholarship is for students of all ages and can be applied to community colleges, four-year universities, career and technical certifications, and military education. VALOR Scholarships can be used for education-related expenses, including tuition and fees, room and board, transportation, books and school supplies. Applications are reviewed and evaluated by a committee comprised of staff and volunteers.

VALOR Scholarship application period is now closed. 

  • Monique Falucho (SOLARA Apartments)

    “Today as I write this I am filled with hope and confidence for my future and my family’s future. Living at SOLARA Apartments is a big reason for this optimism. Before my family moved into these apartments we lived in a cramped two-bedroom apartment with little knowledge or involvement of our surrounding community. When I found out new affordable housing apartments were being built in Poway and my family had the opportunity to move in, we jumped at the chance and signed up on the interest list. Fortunately we were able to make the list to move into Solara Apts. This changed our lives for the better. I thought I was too old to go to college, but CHW has helped me see that it is never too late to set goals and aspire to a better future. I would never have had the ambition or the belief in myself if I hadn’t been here in this environment of hope, empowerment and opportunity. This May 2015 I received my A.S. degree from Palomar College in Social Science. It was a proud moment for my family to witness me reaching this goal that they had been cheering me on for years towards. Now thanks to the great encouragement of Community Housing Works and the continued support of my family I am ready to meet my next educational goal of receiving my B.A. in Child Development. I will continue to help children in my community.”