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Someone once said, “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

Housing Needs in San Carlos

San Carlos, also known as “The City of Good Living,” is the home of Hiller Aviation Museum which is a kid-friendly museum that focuses on helicopters and aviation history. Furthermore, San Carlos is considered by many as an interesting community. Despite the amazing things that San Carlos has to offer, it is still not exempted from experiencing homelessness problems. San Carlos already has homeless shelters and homeless resources/assistance/programs in place. There are also many organizations and non-profit organizations that are helping to address this matter. Though affordable housings are available in the San Carlos area, there is still a need for more affordable housing to accommodate the demand.

Affordable Housing in San Carlos


Why is affordable housing needed? In general, affordable housing is very important for families and has a huge impact on them. A home is a basic need for humans and has the ability to contribute to the overall well-being of humans. Many conducted studies have shown the positive impacts that affordable housing provides. According to studies, children who are in stable housing do better in school and are less likely to experience any type of disruption. Families and children also experience better physical and mental health. Most importantly, families and individuals are able to spend money on other things such as healthcare and food as opposed to spending more than half of their income solely on rent. In addition, affordable housing forges a stronger future.


Community Housing Works (CHW), a nonprofit organization, has been nationally recognized as an organization that develops, rehabilitates, preserves, and operates affordable housing in San Diego and all throughout California. We do not just build and develop affordable community housing; We provide access, connections, and resources and have helped countless families and individuals. Grants and generous donors have definitely helped make our vision and mission a reality! We now own over 3,600 apartments in 42 communities and are currently serving more than 9,00 families, children, and seniors and CHW just continues to add more. We are proud to announce that Navajo Family Apartments will soon rise in the neighborhood of San Carlos. Navajo Family Apartments is a new development on a 1.025-acre site. This affordable housing will be a 45-unit affordable housing development that is reserved for low-to moderate -income families. Rest assured that CHW will continue what we do to make this world a better place to live in.


Indeed, there are still many people who are living an unstable life without their own home in Temecula. The kind of help that we provide is not possible without the help of our generous donors. Through great donations, CHW is more capable of providing individuals and families a place to call home. If you would like to help in fulfilling our goal of helping families, children, and seniors, your generous donations are greatly appreciated. Simply fill out the information needed with the amount that you would like to donate. With your donation, you can present a brighter future for people who are having difficulty finding an affordable home. You can also help by participating in our volunteer programs. For more information about us, join our E-Newsletter, leave a message, or call us at (619)282-6647.




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Help over 9,000 residents statewide achieve home stability and opportunities to forge stronger futures. 

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    Interested in partnering with CHW in an employee match program or becoming a sponsor of one of CHW’s signature events? For more information about corporate giving, contact Tammy Walz at twalz@chworks.org or call 619-450-8724.

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    Community HousingWorks is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Federal Tax Id: 33-0317950. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult with your legal or financial advisor.


"I am continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors who answer the call to give."- Belle, CHW Resident