Sue Reynolds Next Gen Fund

In 2020, we established the Sue Reynolds Next Gen Fund to honor her 23 years of service as President & CEO of Community HousingWorks. With Sue’s leadership, Community HousingWorks launched its first after school program at Orange Place Cooperative in Escondido, laying the foundation for our Achieve Resident Services and Next Generation Success programs. These programs now serve Community HousingWorks residents all over California. Sue Reynolds paved a road to success not only for Community HousingWorks, but for generations of resident youth and families.

This scholarship benefits: 

Sue Reynolds VALOR Scholarship

 Every year, Community HousingWorks awards $1,000 VALOR Scholarships directly to residents pursuing education after high school.

The VALOR Program is for students of all ages and can be applied to community colleges, four-year universities, career and technical certifications, GED programs, military education, and more.

Study Stars After School Program

Our landmark Study Stars program for K-5th grade youth is proven to double the amount of students who can read at grade level.

Study Stars uses an innovative nationally recognized e-learning program with individualized lessons and progress reports.



Individual Supporters

Allison Rossett
Antonio Barbosa
Brian Kay
Deirdre "Dede" Alpert
Demmis & Margot Doucette
Diana Ambrose
Elaine Kalin
Helen Dunlap
Irene Kuei
Irma Cota
Jan Haase
Jill Dardig
Jim Kelly
Jorge Riquelme
Laura Galinson
Laurie Chassin
Len Tatem
Lisa Hasegawa
Lois Sunrich
Lowell Waxman
Margery Pierce 
Mark Levine
Marty Remmell
Mary Clark
Mary Jane Jagodzinski
Megan Holeva
Mel Katz
Merten Bangemann-Johnson
Michael M. Stein
Nora Presson
Oliver Gross
Robbie Calderon-Hass
Robert Bettinger
Robert & Marianne Gottlieb 
Robert Newman
Roger Lewis
Ross Rose
Sharon Young
Simonne Ruff
Sue Reynolds
Tammy Walz
Yusa Chang

Organizational Supporters

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Bank of America
California Bank & Trust
EganSimon Architecture
Excel Engineering
First Republic Bank
Gubb & Barshay, LLP
Jones Hall
JP Morgan Chase
NeighborWorks America
Portrait Construction, INc.
Project Design Consultants
Pyatok Architects
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Rodriguez Associates Architects & Planners
Schmidt Design Group
Studio E Architects
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