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There are many factors in high crime rates, and one of them is poverty. In fact, one study found that if children grew up in poverty, they were seven times more likely to be involved in crime. The study highlights housing and education as a way to solve this problem. A stable home stabilizes emotions and leads to new opportunities. This is not only for children but also for adults and seniors. Community HousingWorks(CHW) is building an affordable apartment community through donations from many people. This is a way to completely change the future of an individual or family, and you can also get involved right away.

CHW was founded in 1988 and it believes that opportunities begin with a stable home. CHW is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that develops, rehabilitates, preserves and operates affordable apartment communities in San Diego and throughout California. CHW has developed over 3,600 rental apartments in 42 communities over the past 30 years. Over 9,000 children, working families and seniors living in these homes are building a stronger future in healthy communities. Indeed, we have received three national American Institute of Architects Awards and two national Fannie Mae Maxwell Awards for this effort and recognized by Time, The Washington Post and Business Week.
Changing the future of a family is simpler than you think. You can participate at any time through the DONATE menu on our homepage. You can choose the amount you would like to donate, and if you choose a period such as monthly, quarterly or annually, you can continue to donate without having to enter information every time. It doesn't matter how much. Just remember that you contribute to a better world. Even if it's not money, there are many ways to express your love. We have a variety of volunteer programs. In the same manner, check out our homepage for several volunteer programs you can get involved in. You can also donate goods such as school supplies or snacks for volunteer programs.




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Help over 9,000 residents statewide achieve home stability and opportunities to forge stronger futures. 

  • Corporate Giving 

    Interested in partnering with CHW in an employee match program or becoming a sponsor of one of CHW’s signature events? For more information about corporate giving, contact Tammy Walz at or call 619-450-8724.

  • Tribute Gifts and Recognition Options

    For interest in dedications and naming opportunities please contact Tammy Walz at or 619-450-8724.

  • Tax Saving Benefits

    Community HousingWorks is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Federal Tax Id: 33-0317950. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult with your legal or financial advisor.


"I am continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors who answer the call to give."- Belle, CHW Resident