Due to low-income, it makes it hard for many individuals and families to even afford housing. The current home prices makes it hard for individuals/families to afford it since they are not earning enough. According to an article, the amount that people invest in affording a home ultimately dictates other things they can invest on such as education and other needs. It was speculated that about 15 million American households are expected to spend at least half of their income on rent alone. At this point, even individuals or families that are  in the high income bracket are already stretching their budgets.

It is now possible for low-income individuals or families to afford housing with the help of housing programs that are available to them. Community Housing is delineated as a long-term accommodation for people on low incomes or household or individuals with special needs (i.e., elderly or persons with disabilities). Community Housing are a vital part of the housing system.
It aims to provide a housing option that is  affordable, secure, addresses the needs of the community, and supports the participation of its tenants. Community Housing is managed by non-profit organizations that receive its support and funding from the following:

      1. Government, 

       2. Private finance raised by the organization

       3. Organization’s own resources

       4. Donations (e.g. philanthropists, support providers, and local government)

Founded in 1988, Community Housing Works (CHW), is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that develops, rehabilitates, preserves and operates affordable apartment communities in Encinitas and all throughout California. Our unique approach extends beyond an affordable place to call home. Moreover, we provide working families and seniors with stable homes in healthy communities, we establish powerful programs, services and connections to resources. The tools that we utilize generally helps people attain financial stability, improve their health and overall well-being, and set school-age children up for success in the classroom and beyond. Learn more about what we do at CHW:

1. Resident Programs

2. Valor Scholarship Programs

3. Resident Stories

If you are looking for an affordable home in Encinitas and would like to know if you are eligible, Contact Us today!