Power of Affordable Housing


There are various ways to make the world a better place to live in. One way is to address the problem of record-breaking numbers of families who cannot afford a decent place to call their home. This matter should be taken seriously because every community is impacted. Each year the shortage on affordable housing gets worse and families have limited number of options as they are struggling severely to even afford other things. With that being said, why does affordable housing matter?Affordable housing matters because it is the key to reducing poverty and increasing economic mobility. Other positive impacts are as follows:


Why Affordable Housing Matters?


Affordable housing matters because it is the key to reducing poverty and increasing economic mobility. Other positive impact are as follows:


Better Mental Health

Living in a stable home improves mental health. Residents living in affordable housing have less financial stress on rent and their family dynamic is improved. They also feel the support that they need by being in a healthy community.


Better Physical Health

Spending too much income on rent limits the ability to buy groceries. A balanced diet is essential for health, but people living in unaffordable houses tend to spend half of their income on rent alone. Moreover, most people who need affordable homes live in housing conditions that pose a risk to their health. If they live in an affordable home, they can improve their health and spend it on what is needed such as groceries.


Better Future For Children

A stable home helps children forge a better future. Frequent moves from one home to another can adversely affect children. Children who live in affordable housing can contribute to grade enhancement and ultimately make their lives better.

What can be achieved through affordable housing is a completely different future for the residents. The positive change they experience makes our world a better place. Joining this movement is a good way to contribute in making a positive change in the lives of many people and our world . If you live in Carlsbad and would like to join this movement, contact Community HousingWorks (CHW).

CHW was founded in 1988 with the belief that opportunities begin in a stable home. We provide affordable houses and healthy communities to working families and seniors. To date, we have developed 3,670 homes in 42 communities and we are serving 9,000 people. We aim for a stronger future that is why we run several programs namely:Financial well-being, Next Generation Success Program, Health and Wellness and Supportive Housing.

If you believe in our vision and mission, donations of any amount is greatly appreciated. Volunteer programs are also available for those of you who are interested. For more information about us, visit our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, or subscribe to our e-newsletter to receive new updates. Leave us a message or call (619) 282-6647.





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Help over 9,000 residents statewide achieve home stability and opportunities to forge stronger futures. 

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"I am continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors who answer the call to give."- Belle, CHW Resident