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September 14, 2019 What's New at CHW, Resident Programs

CHW and Boys & Girls Clubs Partner in Fallbrook

Community HousingWorks and the Boys and Girls Clubs of North County partnered in Fallbrook, CA to support the Next Generation Success of youth residents at Turnagain Apartments.

Parents at Turnagain Apartments have struggled with transportation issues ever since the school district discontinued bussing at the nearby elementary school. Even though the school is located just a mile from the property, it is not a safe walking option for elementary school youth. The one mile stretch from school to home consists of walking on the busiest road in the city and in places without sidewalks. 
The Boys & Girls Clubs of North County provide resident youth at Turnagain Apartments with transportation from their school to home, where they are met and greeted at the curb by Boys & Girls Club staff. Staff walk them from the bus to the community room to begin CHW's Study Stars after school program. Students are given healthy snacks and free time upon arrival. The Boys & Girls Club oversees homework and i-Ready during their Power Hour, bring sports equipment for active outdoor team building, and provide an activity at the end of the day.
The CHW and Boys and Girls Clubs of North County Partnership has been able fill the transportation gap for resident youth and double the participation in the Study Stars program.
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