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The Right Growth Infographic

Dear CHW Friend and Supporter,

For two decades, I have had the great fortune of leading CHW, as our organization and impact have grown—from opening our first after school program at our Orange Place apartment community in 1998, to now serving over 8,000 residents in 38 communities statewide. As the stakes get higher, we must be sure we continue to grow with strength and purpose. The housing and homelessness crises continue to worsen in San Diego and throughout the state. Proposed budget cuts could shrink federal funding for housing by 13%, reducing critical support for the residents we serve. Now more than ever, we at CHW are called on to develop and provide more affordable apartments, ensuring each one is a powerful platform from which residents can succeed.

This commitment to our mission, combined with valuable insight from industry experts and the residents we serve, led us to adopt a strategic plan that will guide us through the next three years.

For a clear picture of what we’re talking about, click on the infographic (and please feel free to share it with your friends and networks).

To respond to the dramatic need we see across our state, CHW is doubling down on:

  • Bold and Sustainable Growth. We plan to reach 5,000 apartments by 2020, serving a total of 15,000 people in need of a safe, affordable home. We will continue to be leaders in green and transit-oriented development, benefiting our communities, the people who live there, and the planet.
  • Resident-Driven Impact. CHW will focus on increasing resident engagement and fostering resident volunteerism. This model ensures we address resident needs first and facilitate community resources effectively. Scalability and sustainability are crucial to our success in San Diego and statewide.
  • Growing our Financial Base. Diverse government and market tools will help us secure the capital needed to continue working on projects that support our mission. We will continue to build out capital investments to maintain the quality of our communities. We will explore untapped fundraising potential with donor opportunities that will engage current and future donors for years to come.

Implementing this plan over the next three years to bring thousands more affordable homes to the state of California will not be easy, but I know we are the right people to do it.

Of course, we could not do any of this without our supporters who make it all possible. I share this plan with you as a valued partner, and thank you for joining CHW in pursuing our mission. We are grateful for your support as we begin this next chapter, and I look forward to sharing our journey with you along the way.


With much appreciation,

Sue Reynolds

President and CEO