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“Now that Anahi can read, she’s improving in all of her subjects. She went from a struggling student acting out in class to being awarded Star Student at her elementary school.”

–  Alison, Community Building Coordinator at Park View Terrace Apartments

For Anahi, second grade was a struggle. At home, her parents could only speak Spanish with her, and her English reading skills were at a preschool level. Anahi was falling through the cracks and falling behind.

Anahi stopped turning in homework or participating in class. She was being disruptive and distracting to other students, which was not normal behavior for her; she was a good kid. Simple math problems and counting were difficult for her, and her disruptiveness continued at home when she grew frustrated and refused to complete her homework. This is when her parents reached out to the Community Building Coordinator (CBC), Alison, at their onsite CHW community learning center.

At first, Anahi was reluctant to participate in learning center programs. She did not want to be forced into going, but her family wanted to get her help. In that first week, she threw fits and cried, but within two weeks, she began attending on her own. Alison began working one-on-one with Anahi and she soon joined the Running Readers program.

When Anahi first came to the learning center in December 2014, she could not read. Her reading performance level was a score of 109, ranking in the bottom 10% of her class. Six months later, after coming to the learning center every day for homework help, one-on-one reading, and the Running Readers program, Anahi’s score improved to 409 and she was ranked 37%. Anahi continued to work hard, joining CHW’s summer program and continuing to read every day throughout the summer. Now that she’s entered 3rd grade, she retested, scoring a 567 and ranking 47%!

Anahi’s improvements go beyond her new reading skills; she’s now thriving at her school. Since getting the support she needed, Anahi has also stopped acting out in class. She has been able to participate and understand her homework. When Alison asked her to tell her what she did in school today, she said, “I raised my hand and I read and I got it all right!” The girl who last year was receiving bad behavior notes on a daily basis was just awarded Star Student at her elementary school.

Third grade reading level is a major predictor of future success and at Community HousingWorks we aim to provide the programs that allow students like Anahi the opportunities to get back on track.

Learn more about our Running Readers program and learn about how you can help more kids like Anahi be successful.