CHW has over 150 apartments with supportive services so that individuals and families can stabilize their lives and finances and move up in the world.

CHW’s rental communities serve people with disabilities, individuals with HIV or AIDS, homeless families reuniting after recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, homeless and disabled veterans, people with developmental disabilities, seniors with disabilities and victims of domestic violence.

Year in and year out, residents of supportive housing experience dramatic changes. For instance, our Las Casitas program provides supportive housing for homeless parents who are reuniting with their children and starting over after they have completed court-sanctioned substance abuse treatment.  More than 90% of all Las Casitas residents during the past five years have successfully completed the program, increased their family’s income, and moved on to permanent housing.

Main Eligibility Requirements:

To qualify for supportive housing programs, individuals must:

  • Be homeless under HUD’s Definition of Homeless
  • All adult in household must be a U.S. Legal Resident (work permit)
  • All adults in the household must be able and willing to work for a minimum 32 hours per week.
  • All adults in household must be clean and sober for one year and must not be on probation or parole for any violent crimes.

Other qualifications may apply.

Most of our supportive housing apartments have a waiting list.  For more information, please contact our Supportive Housing information line at 888-884-4CHW ext. 5470 or email For emergency housing resources, please click on the housing resource guides below.

Click here for the San Diego Housing Commission’s Affordable Housing Guide.

Click here for San Diego County’s Housing Resource Directory.

Click here for CHW Supportive Housing Info Sheet