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VALOR_group_fun_webWe’re proud to announce this year’s VALOR scholarship winners and achievers!

On June 18th, CHW celebrated the academic achievement of 4 VALOR scholarship recipients and 5 Achievers. VALOR scholarship recipients are CHW residents who have achieved academic success and demonstrated community leadership through volunteerism. The CHW Board of Directors created the VALOR Scholarship Program to provide Volunteers and Achievers who have achieved academic success plus demonstrated community Leadership, with an Opportunity and Reward to help pay for higher education.

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Top 5 Achievers

Albert Le – Achiever of the Year, Hillside Village
Danny De La Torre – Achiever Volunteer, Kalos
Victor Aguilar– Achiever Volunteer, La Costa Paloma
Teresa Gaspar – Achiever Volunteer, Old Grove
Citlali Carillo – Achiever Volunteer, Parkview Terrace

2015 VALOR Scholars

Monique Falucho (SOLARA Apartments)

“Today as I write this I am filled with hope and confidence for my future and my family’s future. Living at SOLARA Apartments is a big reason for this optimism. Before my family moved into these apartments we lived in a cramped two-bedroom apartment with little knowledge or involvement of our surrounding community. When I found out new affordable housing apartments were being built in Poway and my family had the opportunity to move in, we jumped at the chance and signed up on the interest list. Fortunately we were able to make the list to move into Solara Apts. This changed our lives for the better. I thought I was too old to go to college, but CHW has helped me see that it is never too late to set goals and aspire to a better future. I would never have had the ambition or the belief in myself if I hadn’t been here in this environment of hope, empowerment and opportunity. This May 2015 I received my A.S. degree from Palomar College in Social Science. It was a proud moment for my family to witness me reaching this goal that they had been cheering me on for years towards. Now thanks to the great encouragement of Community Housing Works and the continued support of my family I am ready to meet my next educational goal of receiving my B.A. in Child Development. I will continue to help children in my community.”


Teresa Gaspar (Old Grove Apartments)

“Being part of CHW has been honor as I have met the most unique and empowering people. I am part of a second family that watches out for each other and their well-being. I more than anyone else believe that I have received much more than what I have put in with time. Working with these kids and parents has allowed me to realize my purpose in life, which is to help others. My satisfaction comes from offering my support and my success is measured by the lives I touch. My life is my message of hope, hard work, and perseverance. I will be attending UC Irvine in the fall and majoring in Law and Education. I strive to obtain a position in government office where I will be able to impact the lives of others less fortunate and bring more opportunities on a national scale. My family and ambition to go farther in life has been my motivation to challenge myself and learn more everyday. CHW has allowed me to become a leader at school and in my community to earn the opportunity to visit the White House and meet Hillary Clinton. CHW has given me the self-confidence I need to graduate with honors and become an activist for change.”


Sarai Rojas (Turnagain)

“I couldn’t be happier to have such a great community where I truly feel that I am at home. My life has had an extreme change for the better. I remember when I first heard of what a learning center was when we moved to a Community HousingWorks site. In those days I remember how timid I was to even step into the center and get help with homework or simply use the utensils it has to offer. I soon began to go to the learning center when I realized I couldnt do my homework by myself or couldn’t get a hold of needed materials. It is then when I realized how much benefit I was getting with the help of the coordinator and volunteers there. I have spent some of the greatest memories in the learning center and because it helped me so much, I was motivated to return all the help and hard work that I personally received. I am a graduate from Fallbrook High School. For many years I have been a volunteer at the learning center of Turnagain Apartments in Fallbrook, CA. In the Fall of 2015, I will be attending California State University San Marcos. I plan to major in Criminal Justice and get a minor in Sociology. As for my future plans I am determined to succeed, help others and continue to help my family and my community.”


Danny De La Torre (Kalos Apartments)
“My experience being an achiever has been great so far. I got to learn about my community. I have helped people in different ways regarding the community and how it is to be cared for. Being here now has shown me to be more motivated. I have learned to be more respectful to my environment. I have also learned or will learn the responsibility task that will be presented to me at this point. I expect to achieve more. My future plans are to finish my Associates Degree at San Diego City College and then transfer to a four year university. My ultimate goal is to become a musician. I want to learn to play different styles of music. I will achieve this goal because I am very passionate about music and exploring different ways to create songs.”

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