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Congratulations to our 2015 Resident Popular Educators!

Twenty-one CHW residents completed a 6-week civic engagement training through the San Diego Housing Federation to become advocates for affordable housing in their communities.

Monique Falucho -SOLARA Apartments
Jonathan Mirayes – SOLARA Apartments
Charles Bonilla – SOLARA Apartments
Maria E. Hernandez- SOLARA Apartments
Yeni Hinojosa- Haley Ranch Estates
Elizabeth Reyes- SOLARA Apartments
Claire Ledevic- SOLARA Apartments
Ruperta Reyes- Hillside Village Apartments
Dora Gallego- Hillside Village Apartments
Nazareth Bedoya- Hillside Village Apartments

Alejandro Arellano – 15th Avenue Cooperative
Luis E. Valderrama – Orange Place Cooperative
Lizbeth Sanchez – Eucalyptus View Cooperative
Yolando Juarez – Orange Place Cooperative
Esperanza Perez – Eucalyptus View Cooperative
Rosalba Cabrera – Orange Place Cooperative
Rosalba Ignacio – Eucalyptus View Cooperative
Margarito Agodo – Orange Place Cooperative
Merced Juarez – Orange Place Cooperative
Jorge Sanchez – Eucalyptus View Cooperative
Ruben Garcia – 15th Avenue Cooperative