Each year in our CHW Learning Centers we engage our young emerging leaders in the Achievers program.

The CHW Achiever program is offered in several of our affordable rental communities across San Diego County and provides an opportunity for youth leadership development, volunteering in the learning center and community events, and community CHANGE projects for our resident youth. We instill in the youth that positive growth within their community begins with their voice.

To become a CHW Achiever each youth must do the following:

  • Apply: Every youth interested in becoming an Achiever must completely fill out the Achiever Application form in the beginning of August of each year.
  • Interview: After all applications have been submitted, each applicant must schedule an interview with the Community Building Coordinator within the last week of August of each year.
  • Volunteer in the Learning Center: Once interviews of all Achiever applicants are reviewed, the Community Building Coordinator selects 3-5 applicants to serve as Achievers for the entire year. The CBC works with their new Achiever volunteers to create a schedule of their volunteer time and meets with them once a month to discuss or plan any upcoming events, field trips, or service opportunities.


  • Must be in 6th to 12th grade and enrolled in the Learning Center program.
  • Must attend the Learning Center at least twice a week.
  • Must commit to at least 10 volunteer hours per month.

Each year, CHW awards the VALOR scholarship to Achievers who have achieved academic success and demonstrated community leadership.

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