FaceLift is an event that transforms neighborhoods in City Heights, building home equity and pride in the community since 1995. CHW, volunteers, sponsors and community leaders have  “FaceLifted” more than 500 homes and removed more than 1,000 tons of trash in City Heights.

To our wonderful FaceLift teams: We are currently reorganizing our event schedule and making some exciting changes along the way.  We are thrilled that you have shown interest in supporting another FaceLift event and trust you will understand that we will not have a scheduled event for the 2014 season, but plan to resume in 2015.

Since the inception of the FaceLift events in 1995, Community HousingWorks (www.CHWorks.org) has been the event’s innovative backbone and fiscal agent, helping to provide qualified City Heights’ homeowners and their neighbors some incredible exterior home improvements, including paint jobs, landscaping, parkway beautification and amazing inspiration.  The first event took place in the Fairmount Village neighborhood of City Heights.  From the beginning CHW felt this was incredible opportunity to help the community move up by removing graffiti, cleaning up debris-filled alleys and backyards, and painting houses. With your help we have created a more safe environment while giving residents a renewed pride in their community and hope for a better quality of life.  In the years since that first event FaceLift volunteers, team leaders, CHW staff & event committee members have painted over 550 homes in 13 neighborhoods, removing over 1,500 tons of trash from City Heights!  This is something we can all be proud of!

As our dedicated volunteer FaceLift committee and CHW staff make some important changes in the behind-the-scenes structure, rest assured our events will resume and continue as the premier community-building opportunity they have always been.  We feel this brief, but important delay is critical in order to implement the incredible feedback we’ve received and make an even better experience for each participant.  We feel it is critical timing to look at ever-evolving community needs and how our local non-profit agencies can offer their best services.  The importance of maintaining strong administrative support, fiscal sponsorship and a strong desire to provide the best volunteer experience to our city finds us reviewing how we can better our operations.  We look forward to your continued support and trust that we will see all your familiar faces and many new participants as we embark on the path to FaceLift 500+ more homes!

Stay tuned for announcements of the next FaceLift event in 2015.

For ongoing volunteer opportunities in City Heights, please contact VolunteerCityHeights@gmail.com

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