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Financial Fitness will greatly increase your money success and your progress toward a more stable and secure future!

Since 2004, over 3,300 individuals and families have participated in the program, with 50% of graduates improving their credit score just 6 months after taking the class. Join the thousands who have gained the skills and knowledge to prepare for a more secure and wealthier future.

Financial Fitness is for you if you have ever…

  • Had financial goals, but didn’t know where to begin
  • Wanted useful budgeting tools and money-saving tips
  • Wondered which debts to pay off first
  • Wanted to understand your own credit information and ways to protect your identity
  • Wanted to become Financially Fit!

Ready to get financially fit?

Click the link below to register for our next Financial Fitness class online or contact us at 619-282-6647 ext. 5465 or classesandcoaching@chworks.org

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Class Registration Forms

Please bring your enrollment form, questionnaire, and credit authorization with you to the class.

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Credit Authorization (English)

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