Cecilia Nova: Destined for Greatness

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Cecilia volunteers during some of the Family Nights and comes to most, if not all, of the community events at Fallbrook View: She is always willing to lend a hand! Her dedicated participation at the Learning Center started after she attended the Teen Financial Fitness last summer.  During this past school year, Cecilia and Rubi would come in every… Read more ›

Rubi Duran: Saving for Education

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After going through the Teen Financial Fitness program, Rubi has become a regular at the Learning Center. She not only asks for help with her homework, but also volunteers during our Family Nights, Resident Meetings, and Learning Center hours. She is a great role model to the other kids! Her grades have improved throughout the year thanks… Read more ›

Congratulations, 2013 VALOR Scholars!

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On July 9th, CHW celebrated the academic achievement of 10 VALOR scholarship recipients, CHW residents who have achieved academic success and demonstrated community leadership through volunteerism. Oumar Kamara, an ambitious young man who spent years in West Africa with his family before returning to the states, can proudly say that he will be attending Cal… Read more ›

Jessica Johnson: All the Way Home

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Seven years ago Jessica Johnson would have never imagined her life as it is now.  At that time she was involved in a relationship that had started out wonderful, but had sadly turned into her worst nightmare.  After some time into the relationship her partner became verbally abusive, and then slowly began to threaten and eventually… Read more ›

The Williams Family: A Home of Their Own

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“I will never forget what Community HousingWorks has done for me and my family!” My experience with CHW was amazing.  I was working with many different agencies trying to buy a home all of whom couldn’t make it happen.  The San Diego Housing Commission referred me to Community Housing Works (CHW) where I met Cheryl… Read more ›

Diego Verdugo-Guzman: First-time Homebuyer

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A working dad with a family of 5, Diego was struggling to pay his rent until the San Diego Housing Commission informed about CHW’s Financial Fitness  and  Homebuyer Classes.  In Financial Fitness, Diego used the credit rebuilding letters to fix errors on his family’s credit report and during the Homebuyer class he learned about the different types… Read more ›

Alicia Ortiz: Believe in the Possibility

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  A United Way article by Sue Greenberg A dozen years ago, Alicia escaped an abusive husband and lived in a shelter with her four kids for four months. She took every financial literacy class she could, learned to drive, filed for divorce, got her immigration papers and proved she could support herself without public assistance. Alicia… Read more ›

Griselda Huerta: Achieving Her Dreams

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“One always aspires to have something of their own…to have their own home.” Griselda Huerta thought that her dream of homeownership was “out of her hands.” As a single mom struggling to make ends meet, it seemed impossible. Griselda Huerta thought that her dream of homeownership was “out of her hands.” As a single mom… Read more ›

Eddie: A Fresh Start

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SOLARA has given Eddie and his son, Jeoffrey, a fresh start in life. In 2000, Eddie lost his job, his home, and became the primary parent for his son. Since that time, Eddie has been working hard to rebuild his life. With the help of affordable rent at SOLARA, financial fitness courses, and a savings… Read more ›

Irma Bravo: Able to Keep Her Home

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 Irma’s story is symptomatic of today’s excesses in the mortgage industry. After buying her house in 2003 (and making payments on time), she discovered the adjustable mortgage she’d been saddled with was hiking her interest rate every six months. As rates boosted from 5.2% to 11.25%, Irma found herself unable to make timely payments and… Read more ›