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Last month, some Poway residents celebrated Valentine’s Day by spreading a little love around the community!

Intergenerational_tea_party_2Inspired by a chance to improve a sense of community amongst the several generations of Poway Villas neighbors, spanning age 6 to 89, Community Building Coordinator Alison planned a very special Valentine’s event, an Intergenerational Tea Party. This venue allowed not only for the two generations to enjoy desserts and tea together, but also an opportunity to learn more about each other and find a mutual respect between the two generations.

Poway Villas youth came prepared with questions to ask the seniors about their lives and enjoyed finding out some interesting things about them:

Youth Question:  What was life like when you were growing up?
Senior Answer: We grew all of our vegetables and we turned our own butter.

Youth Question: What is your favorite childhood memory?
Senior Answer: My favorite childhood memory was when I was a little boy I had a crush on my teacher and I wanted to get her a present. I went to the river and collected all the frogs I could find and I left them on her desk for her.

Intergenerational_tea_party_1The younger generation learned to respectfully introduce themselves with confidence, while many of the seniors discovered they would make great role models for the young children. This respect and new sense of commonality even inspired one young girl to reflect that she was going to greet these older adults whenever she saw them at the apartments; another child said that she would help them carry things if they needed it.

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