Feels like home.

CHW builds love and pride into every affordable apartment so that they are attractive, secure homes. When CHW touches a place, it feels like home.

Nonprofit heart and business smarts.

CHW operates successful nonprofit businesses that uniquely serve the underserved as a developer and apartment owner. Combine that with our community and donor support, and CHW demonstrates a proven revenue model for solving social problems.

Here for you for the long-term.

For nearly thirty years, CHW has created buildings that start attractive, and stay attractive. We own our apartments long-term. We work with families and neighbors over years. It works!

Sustainable solutions.

CHW’s apartment communities are designed to make sustainability accessible to all. We built California’s first Zero Energy Home at SOLARA apartments and changed public policy along the way.

Measurable results.

Progress in resident children’s report cards, increased deposits to savings, lower water usage, volunteer hours – CHW can tell our donors what success looks like, and we track it every day.

Local roots, national connections.

CHW’s roots are local – City Heights residents fighting to revitalize a beloved neighborhood, North County San Diego parents worrying about homeless children growing up in canyons and cars. CHW’s solutions reach across San Diego County and increasingly across California. And our membership in the elite national NeighborWorks network allows CHW to bring national resources and expertise to everything we touch.

Community leadership.

Rooted in America’s social justice movements, CHW is a leader in public advocacy for real housing solutions. We develop resident and youth leaders from lower income communities and communities of color. And CHW’s diverse board includes both civic and business influencers, and leaders from our own apartments and neighborhoods.