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Karen“Having the opportunity to join a program like this right at home was amazing – I was able to improve my SAT scores by 170 points!” says Karen, a La Costa Paloma resident and high school junior who participated in this summer’s SAT and college preparedness course.

Gopika, a former Bank of America intern, returned to CHW this summer with a mission to help students in our communities be better prepared for college. She says, “I really wanted to help tackle the achievement gap. Families with lower incomes are often at a disadvantage when it comes to getting to college.” Gopika was awarded funding by the Clinton Global Initiative University for a college and SAT readiness program she developed.

Gopika brought this summer program to high school juniors and seniors at our La Costa Paloma community. Four youth participated in the program, showing substantial improvement in their scores, with an average increase of 155 points.

“I didn’t have any experience or knowledge of the SAT before joining this program and it’s helped me improve my score by 150 points,” Jasmine, a high school senior, says. Jasmine also enjoyed touring local colleges to get a taste for college life and help her decide where she wants to go next to pursue a career in nursing.

These kinds of programs wouldn’t be possible without the support of our donors and partners who keep our learning centers open for families and youth to succeed.

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